Pedersen Painting Bourne 3

The Gray Gables neighborhood in the town of Bourne, MA has an incredible long history that dates back to the 1880s. Today, the area is perhaps best known for its large, scenic beach, but the region was once where President Grover Cleveland spent much of his free time, both while in and out of office.

Originally built for the own personal use of known President Grover Cleveland during the years of his presidency of the United States from 1893 to 1896, the name of Gray Gables was given to both the Village and his personal Gray Gables Station because of the many gables in its design and its dark color.

President Grover Cleveland purchased the property from the Tudor family and all its surrounding 110 acres for its good fishing. Cleveland was an avid fisherman and loved spending time away from the bustle of the city, and would get happy any time he was able to get out of Washington and back to Cape Cod.

There was a dock built at the house which was home to a Navy gunboat that protected Cleveland from the open water. In 1892, Gray Gables Railroad Station was constructed on the Old Colony Railroad. This station was private, only used by Cleveland and his inner circle to provide quick and direct access to DC.

When President Cleveland was elected in 1892, for a second term as president, Gray Gables became Cape Cod’s first well known summer White House. The depot had a convenient direct telegraph line back to Washington. Two of the five Cleveland children were also born at Gray Gables until the family discontinued their residency in 1904.

For a time, the station was a flag stop used by Cataumet and Pocasset students to travel to the high school. It was moved to the Aptucxet Trading Post Museum in 1976, which is close by to the beautiful Bourne Scenic Park. You’re in for a treat with lots to do on your visit here.