Pedersen Painting Sandwich 3

From its beaches, to beautiful trails and classic charm, Cape Cod is just a wonderful destination for families for either a summer getaway or long extended weekend. With so much history and beauty all in one place, it will be hard to find any free time as you try and squeeze everything in your schedule.

On your visit to Cape Cod, you have an incredible opportunity to travel back in time at the Hoxie House in Sandwich. Known as the oldest house in Cape Cod, this home allows visitors to see the fascinating culture and lifestyle of the original Massachusetts settlers and walk through to discover the area’s incredible history.

Built in 1675 by Reverend John Smith, the second pastor of Sandwich, he lived here with his wife, Susanna Hinckley, and their 13 children. Though the home served different families over the years, it was purchased in 1850 by known whaling captain Abraham Hoxie and brought the house its official recognition as the Hoxie House.

A family home without electricity, central heating, or plumbing until the 1950s, the house was never updated and now serves as a museum designed to teach visitors about the simplicity of colonial life. A feature on The Cape Cod Museum Trail, it includes historical landmarks like the Dexter Grist Mill and Thornton W. Burgess Museum.

Close by to other famous and well known must see Cape Cod attractions, like the Sandwich Glass Museum and the Heritage Museums and Gardens, this beautiful and historic first-period house was eventually restored and furnished to reflect the early colonial construction with interesting features such as gun stock posts, pumpkin-pine Maine beams, and wide floorboards.

Nearby is the Dexter Grist Mill, one of the earliest water mill sites in the country. This is also definitely worth a look if you want to see how they did it in the olden days. You can take away a bag of freshly ground cornmeal as an added bonus. Plan your Cape trip now!